Stuff Blowing Up: Things made of paper or wood and ball

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wholesale replica designer handbags Poirot Speak: Realistically inverted, and deliberately Played for Laughs by Lauri himself, particularly with his English pronunciation. He admitted in “Hydraulic press channel Q that he knows his accent is part of what sells his channel, so if he realizes later on that he’s been pronouncing a word incorrectly (such as pronouncing ‘hydraulic’ as ‘hoodraulik’) he’ll deliberately keep pronouncing it wrong in future videos because it’s funny. Anni naturally considers this hilarious. On two separate occasions first in “Hydraulic press kitchen: Fruit salad”, and then in “Exploding surstr and other canned foods” he kept referring to pineapples as ‘ananas’, which in his defense is ‘pineapple’ in most non English languages. In “Crushing our awards with hydraulic press”, Anni created a clay squirrel for the extra content specifically because Lauri can’t pronounce it. Lauri’s spoken English is not quite as good as his wife’s, so he sometimes forgets which English pronouns apply to which gender. day for HPC”) he accidentally referred to his wife as a ‘he’, resulting in lots of confused comments on the video wondering who he was referring to. Rip Tailoring: In “How much can you lift with clothes?”, Lauri and Anni test the tensile strength of a hoodie, t shirt, and pair of jeans by pulling them apart with the forklift that Lauri uses for his business. The t shirt and hoodie actually end up tearing in a wearable way, with the t shirt coming away with two large holes in the side and back, and the hoodie mostly losing the right sleeve so you can “show off your guns”, as Lauri puts it. Although he jokes that they’ll be hitting Paris Fashion Week with the shirt as Anni twirls around with it over the top she was already wearing, several commenters pointed out that a torn, oversized t shirt like that would actually work in a real outfit with fashionably ripped jeans and a brightly colored top underneath. Running Gag: After the incidents with folding paper and the book, every time there’s something papery under the press there’ll be a comment about its explosiveness under the press. He dismissed toilet paper as not being real paper precisely because it didn’t explode, too. Squashed Flat: Squashing things flat is, of course, the name of HPC’s game. Stuff Blowing Up: Things made of paper or wood and ball bearings have a tendency to explode under the pressure of the press. The Stinger: Starting with “Crushing Nokia 3310 with hydraulic press”, videos started to feature extra content after the ending sequence consisting of clay animals getting crushed. Anni makes these animals, and Lauri follows up with his own brilliant commentary about them. Lauri: “And for today’s extra content, we have this [animal]. It looks extremely dangerous and may attack at any time, so we must deal with it.” (lowers press) wholesale replica designer handbags

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