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Embodied Healing & Living



Are you ready to explore what is keeping you stuck once and for all? Do you desire to cultivate a relationship with yourself out of love and self-trust rather than continuing to silently suffer and feel powerless over your situation?

One-on-one coaching focused on somatic healing can help you get the resolution you want.

Life can be tough and stressful at times. Some of us have endured challenging relationships, hard childhoods, and other painful life circumstances – such as divorce, accident, or illness. When hard times happen, they can leave emotional/mental scars and lingering effects on your body.

Whatever the situation has been, what if I told you that the long-lasting pain doesn’t have to stay with you anymore? Healing is possible.


Embodied Healing & Living is for you if you have felt stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected, or numb – and you are not finding your way out. It’s not because you haven’t tried. You’ve attempted to “fix” your pain over and over, but you still find yourself in the same place, or even worse, deeper in the pit.

No matter how much you think about the problem, you are still not getting the solution you want.

When we finally heal our wounds and break free from their hold on our lives, we gain freedom and can live happier, more connected lives.

I use Somatic techniques and experiential exercises to create these permanent shifts. Talking, being with others, and using the analytical part of our mind can provide relief in the moment. However, it does not get to the root of the issue – the body.

Stress and trauma are experienced in your body; therefore, your body needs to be part of the healing process.

Embodied Healing & Living is a 3-month minimum commitment that is tailored specifically to your life and needs. During our work together, I will guide you through my Three Zone Approach. This proven approach walks you through how to move beyond the mind and into the wisdom of the body so you can find healing and start to thrive.

Feeling safe is the foundation of transformation. It moves us from the survival part of the brain to the area where we can make choices out of growth and for our greater good.

During this phase, we will work on establishing a sense of trust and safety with yourself, others, and your environment.

By the end of this first zone, we’ll also…

  • Discover your body’s boundaries and connect them to what feels safe.
  • Develop “grounding” strategies to bring you back to the present moment (the “here and now”) any time you feel overwhelmed or overloaded.
  • Identify and connect to your inherent strengths so that you can feel better and create more balance when doing the deeper work.

Learn how to bring “conscious awareness” to daily life by being in the present moment versus in the past. Doing this will build your attention to what is going on within yourself, and around you, without judgment.  This creates distance from the overwhelming experiences that have happened and helps you become more effective at dealing with current challenging situations.

You will also learn the language of your body so you can heal your past. To do this, you’ll…

  • Create simple yet effective strategies to help train your mind so you can better connect with your body. We’ll do this through connecting your awareness to your felt sense.
  • Uncover specific ways that your brain and body are connected. You’ll see what happens when your system becomes activated (think of a “gas” pedal) and then how to help it down-shift (“brake” pedal).
  • Notice cues of when your body becomes activated and track sensations and energy cycles.

Become aware of your triggers and stressors that send your body into self-preservation mode. Discover how your body naturally protects itself and what to do when energy gets stuck in your body. In this zone, you’ll learn how to:

  • Harness the power of “regulation” to help you anytime you feel triggered.
  • Distinguish between self-regulation and co-regulation and how to use each one to flip you out of fight, flight or freeze mode.
  • Learn how to move through fight, flight, and freeze modes so that you stay in control of your body and emotions (instead of the other way around).

Imagine a life where you could…

Experience your day-to-day with more depth, richness, and aliveness

Enjoy deeper and more meaningful connections with yourself and others

Ditch stubborn and longstanding habits and create new patterns that are aligned with your self-worth and value

Build resiliency so you can work through challenges and bounce back stronger than ever

Go from survival mode to more flow and ease in your daily life

Feel optimal in your mind, body, and soul and reclaim a new sense of vitality

You are a remarkable force with an innate capacity to heal and grow. I would love to help you do that!

Informed by my training and education in Somatic Healing, Polyvagal Theory, and Attachment Theory, I help my clients move beyond and below the thinking mind. I focus specifically on the nervous system and showing you how to listen and attune to your body’s language. I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and have assisted in training courses throughout the western portion of the United States.


Embodied Healing & Living might be for you if:

There are events from the past you have avoided, ignored, or split off from because the thought or feeling of facing it seems too scary and big

You feel broken, distant, and disconnected from yourself and others

You find yourself isolating and spending the majority of your time alone because the thought of being around others is too overwhelming

You have lost interest in people, places, and things you once loved and enjoyed

You feel crippled with fear and unable to take action in life because of constant feelings of shame and low self-worth

You want to understand and create a deeper connection with yourself, including your physical, mental, and emotional body


If you are tired of feeling the way you do and are ready to reclaim your birthright of wellness and health, I invite you to connect.

Embodied Healing & Living Includes:

  • Either two or four 60-minute virtual sessions each month focused on Somatic Healing.  During the sessions, we work through where stress, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and numbness are held in the body as a result of overwhelming life experiences.
  • Check-in emails between sessions to deepen the experience of the virtual sessions by providing consistency and accountability with at-home exercises provided during the virtual 1:1 sessions.
  • Daily contact via Voxer so that you are continuously supported throughout your experience.
  • Practical, self-care tools to aid you in your daily life.

Embodied Healing & Living is a minimum three-month commitment. During our initial consultation call, we’ll talk through what’s going on and decide what level of support is best for you. I’ll then share what that looks like in terms of program length and number of sessions. From there, you’ll receive a tailored quote and next steps.